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About Us

Who We Serve

Cutting-edge healthcare SMEs and Larger OEMs within the medical devices and electromechanical healthcare sectors, as well as Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms 


Why ECT Healthcare 

Medical Device companies face a number of critical challenges including; 

  • Limited Cash reserves 

  • Limited Available talent and knowledge in all critical areas required to get to market, such as Commercial, Regulatory and Product development 

  • Increasing regulations and cost requirements to access key markets around the world.


With over 30 years’ experience in Scientific Analysis, Product Development, Regulatory and Commercial, ECT Healthcare has the expertise and network to deliver Products and Projects that are both Advanced Technically and Regulatory compliant but also based on sound Commercial principles and data. 


ECT Healthcare's optimal configuration of Commercial, Regulatory and Product Development and a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget, means SMEs and Larger OEMs; optimise time to market, reduce unplanned funding requirements and avoid last minute Regulatory or Commercial Issues.


Our Purpose

Our mission is to help you make better commercial , product development and regulatory decisions that will improve performance and drive growth.


Our Promises

One of the founders will take personal responsibility for your project. 

With over 30 years Healthcare experience, ECT Healthcare will provide support based on solid professional Engineering, Scientific and Commercial principles. 


Thank you for your enquiry. The ECT Team will review and respond as soon as possible.

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